• Tips on Application for International Cooperation
   Matters that require attention
Payments made via BK card or via related agency are covered by the following supports. Especially, for credit card payments, keep in mind that the OSOS system only recognizes BK card information. As other personal credit card data cannot be entered into the system, please remember to use BK cards. In addition, make a claim for reimbursement immediately after a payment via BK card. If not, the next card payment will not be approved. Don't forget to make a claim for reimbursement immediately after a payment via BK card!
professor invitation
Application form on seminar expense, announcement on seminar, the letter of payment for lecture fee, the copy of the lecturer's bankbook (payable only when the accountholder is the lecturer.), and the copy of passport containing the stamp of entry when the lecturer is a foreigner
Project operation expense
(Meeting operation expense)
Within 7% of other project operation expenses
  • This covers only BK-related meetings. The total of meeting operation expense is KRW 30,000 per participant. Meeting minutes must include the title of the meeting. In the case that the expense is covered by the government subsidy for BK21, the minutes should contain signatures of meeting participants.
  • Only payments by BK card are covered. Payments made on holidays and after midnight are not reimbursed.
  • As alcoholic beverages are not covered, request only the reimbursement of dining expense.
Support for academic activity
  • The registration fee for academic conference and the fee for dissertation publication are reimbursed. Therefore, submit receipts related to registration and dissertation publication.
  • In the case there is additional outside support, only the difference from the outside support is payable.
  • The banquet fee is not covered.
Travel expense
  • This covers domestic academic conferences and business trips.
  • Pay the transportation fare via BK card following the policy. When the registration fee is included, request for its payment as the technological information activity expense.
  • Refer to the latest policy on travel expenses for a business trip in Seoul.
  • When the fee of academic conference registration includes the banquet fee, a third of dining expense of the travel expense is excluded from payment. (This is applicable when there is not a clear mention on banquet fee.)
  • The actual amount of lodging expense is reimbursed. (Attach related receipts.)
Application and registration of
industrial property right
  • Submit the original copies of tax bills and quotations.
  • Attach the pages of the written confirmation on patent decision showing the applicant and the inventor.