• Common Supports
   Matters that require attention
Payments made via BK card or via related agency are covered by the following supports. Especially, for credit card payments, keep in mind that the OSOS system only recognizes BK card information. As other personal credit card data cannot be entered into the system, please remember to use BK cards. In addition, make a claim for reimbursement immediately after a payment via BK card. If not, the next card payment will not be approved. Don't forget to make a claim for reimbursement immediately after a payment via BK card!
1. Types of common supports
a. Long-term study leave It covers research activity in an overseas organization in partnership for 15 or more days. English test scores, the plan on research, etc. should be submitted. For further information, refer to the website of BK21.
b. Patent application and registration Up to KRW 2mil is supported for the registration of domestic patent.
Up to KRW 3mil is supported for the registration of international patent.
However, the patent-related expense covers one case per professor. Also, when the amount is KRW 1.5mil or more, it is supported upon the approval of the operational committee. (Decided by the committee on 15 January 2007)
c. Publication in domestic journals Up to KRW 500,000 per dissertation is supported in the case that a participating graduate school student is the main author.
(Budget source: Other project operation expense) - This support covers multiple cases per person.
d. Registration fee for domestic academic conference The actual registration fee per dissertation author is supported. The maximum is KRW 80,000 per author and professors are excluded from this support. (Budget source: Other project operation expense)
2. Procedures
• For a and b, the professor in charge submits documents for application after setting the budget. Then, the operational committee makes a decision
• For c and d, payment is made when an application is made after an event.
※ Expenses not covered by the common supports
Equipment purchase Computers, projectors, printers, etc.
Office supplies purchase Computer components, toners, etc.
Book purchase Payable only from the industrial matching fund
Dissertation proofreading In the case of dissertations to be submitted to international academic conferences in foreign languages, if necessary, the support for proofreading is payable.